Installing ZimaOS to USB Flash drive

I have a mini-pc with two drives. it would be helpful to be able to install ZimaOS to a USB Drive, therefore, keeping the two drives available for when the raid option is completed.

It’s an image file, so just burn it to the USB with something like BalenaEtcher.

You’ll probably get more exposure to questions about ZimaOS here..


Thanks for the reply.
I don’t think you understood my question. I am asking about installing ZimaOS “to” not “from” a USB.

I will take it over to Discord.

And I told you how to install it “to” a USB.


If I use BE to create a USB I get a usb for installing ZimaOS to a hard drive, rather than I bootable version of ZimaOS…

Maybe there is a different ISO?

You are right, use zimaos_zimacube- with BE you can installing ZimaOS to USB,