Just received the blade...nothing happens?

I received the Blade today and was thrilled to test it immediately so I tried.

I will list all the variants I try, the outcome is always: the RED LED stays on (the one you can only see through the frontal plastic), the board gets somewhat hot in minutes (hot like in “running as expected hot”, not abnormal hot) and… nothing happens

· Tried with included usb-c cable with all the different bricks listed
· Tried with my usb-c cable that i use for PD on all the different bricks listed
· Tried with usb-c to PC
· Tried with usb-A to usb-c cable on all the different bricks listed

Bricks tested:

· SteamDeck Brick with its usb-c cable
· 12V-3A brick with usb-c output
· 12V-1.5A brick with usb-c output
· Various bricks and usb-c cables that are not officially supported but i tried anyway

All this was while I was plugged directly to a Fritz!Box router (tested multiple ports and cables)

IP Scanners (Angry IP Scanner) shows no new devices, and so does the router itself. Tested with a Powerline too, same output.

I dont have a miniDP cable, so I also tested using a USB-C dongle with HDMI output: the power seems to arrive (has a PD port and the led becomes red again) but no HDMI output.

Is there something I am missing?

I recommend that you use the miniDP port for display out. with that said, you’d need to purchase a miniDP to HDMI adapter so that you can use your existing HDMI cable and plug it into your display.

I will surely do it, but shouldn’t the blade “just” works once connected?

If using the hdmi out on the USB-C dongle you’re using does not output anything to the display, it could only mean that the usb-c port on the ZimaBlade does not support DP Alt Mode. I haven’t tried it personally as I only used the miniDP port for connecting the ZimaBlade to a display.

I mean, by reading the rest of my message I said that even without the dongle (so, as it is right now, just with the power connector at 12V 3A + direct ethernet) it doesnt show up as it should (It should appears on my network somewhere), so I guess is not booting directly. While I wait for the cable, maybe that can be an hint for something else?

Sorry, I forgot the exact things that’ve happened when I booted my ZimaBlade for the first time, the only thing I remembered is that I have to hook up a keyboard to proceed from the grub-like interface.

good advice. Upon connecting a keyboard , the keyboard flashed a little so I am guessing I have to buy that cable

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Did you insert the ram?

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Here I am. There was no RAM included in the package, I assumed some pre soldered one is in. I assume wrong?

Took a while to reply cause i tested with a miniDP to HDMI cable and various power supplies and nothing happens, no post. So I guess…

I have to buy extra ram?

EDIT: Ok sorry for have not noticed this before, just ordered a stick and will try tomorrow.

Marked as solved: it was indeed the RAM

Absolutely my fault but a suggestion: clearly state that on the internal quickstart guide :slight_smile:

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