Local Network Speed Demo in ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0

Here, we present a demonstration of the ZimaCube N100 prototype V2.0’s network performance in a common office network environment. Utilizing the iPerf3 tool, ZimaCube achieved a bandwidth performance of 2.35 Gbps in single-port TCP tests, addressing the demands of high-speed network environments and facilitating big data transmission.Furthermore, by activating the dual-port function through the SMB3 multichannel file transfer protocol, ZimaCube demonstrated an maximum transfer rate of 414 MB/s.

It’s essential to note that all these tests were conducted in a standard office network setting. Below, we outline the basic hardware device environment used for this demonstration, highlighting our commitment to ongoing product optimization for an enhanced user experience. Stay tuned for further updates!

Ⅰ、Demo Environment

  1. Demo Equipment

  1. Internet connection:

The switch uses TP-LINK TL-SH1832 to ensure sufficient bandwidth.

Client Device and ZimaCube are connected to TL-SH1832 through their respective dual network ports.

II、iPerf3 test:

  1. The iPerf3 tool was selected for network performance testing.

  2. On the Client Device, start the iperf3 service through iPerf3 -s

  1. On the ZimaCube side, connect to the Windows side through iperf3 -c for performance testing.

  2. Results:

III、SMB3 Multichannel Test:

Perform SMB3 Multichannel Testing and upload files from Client Device to ZimaCube.


  • In the SMB3 Multichannel test, the transmission speed reached a maximum of 414MB/s.


This series of test results provides us with the opportunity to have a more comprehensive understanding of ZimaCube’s network performance, and provides a strong reference for future optimization and development. We will continue to work hard to improve product performance to ensure that users can enjoy a more excellent and stable network experience when using ZimaCube. Thank you all for your attention and support!