Mount and Format new hard drives

I just got my Zimablade. I bought 2 drives. But do not know how to mount and format and what ext to use.

Besides the zimablade do you have a pc? If you connect the drives to the pc, crrea the prtictions table in “gpt” and the partitions, usually in ext4. ( make an initial 0.5-1 GB partition in vfat only if you intend to use the disk for another OS). connect the disks to the zimablade, connect to it via ssh, from terminal type “sudo blkid” to get the list of all disks, their partitions and their UUIDs. use this last parameter to write in “etc/fstab” their mount point and various options. If you have set in the mount options “auto” the partitions will be seen and mounted and you will find them in the application menu “Files” there Casaos

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Hello m3nhir
Thank you. I plan to just use on the zimablade. So this process is good for using mirror 1? Is ZFS used on a 2 drive zimablade?
Thanks in advance.

If you want to mount 2 disks in raid 1 you can follow this guide for Debian (the zimablade OS is Debian bullseye 11).
use the terminal command sudo fdisk -l to see how disks are recognized.