NUC Install Issues

I have an NUC 13 that I was running Debian 11 with/ Yunahost on top.

I used RUFUS to input the Zima OS on a USB and booted up the NUC. I could have sworn it formatted the NUC’s HD. Then I opened the client on my Windows PC, and I was on the Zima OS remotely. I thought everything was great…

Then I pulled the USB drive out and it kept running with no issues, except the original monitor started going haywire. I reboot NUC, and it goes back into Debian like it was never formatted and there’s no sign of ZIMA.

Is this OS intended to be installed “on top” of an existing OS (like Yumahost is with Debian)?

ZimaOS is a complete OS and built using buildroot.
There is limited support for other hardware as it is specifically designed for Zima hardware. It doesn’t sound like it fully installed to the HDD. I would recommend downloading the ZimaOS installer and trying a fresh using etcher:-)