Recieved ZimaBlade, see redlight, but cannot connect

Just received the Zimablade advanced kit with the bundled power supply. I inserted the 16Gb ram, powered on, sees a red light on the board. No display from display port, connected to router, cannot find server from the website or the MacOS app.

Did I receive a dud?

Can you try to reset the RTC battery? if still can not work, please contact our Thanks!

Is there already a solution to this problem? My ZimaBlade arrived today and is showing the same behaviour. I messaged at

No, I tried resetting the RTC battery. Same. I’ve reached out to support, waiting for response.

Have any of you received an answer?

I got a reply from support@IceWhale to work with Nancy@ to get my replacement. They asked for my mailing address, model etc. in email which I replied. Still waiting for additional communication from IceWhale for any updates or confirmation for shipment, etc.

Just received tracking for the replacement.

I noticed that if my power supply does not have 3A at 12 volts the board does not seem to start but the red light came on.

If you use a power supply from IceWhale it should be ok and the board may not be working, otherwise you may need to buy a bigger power supply.