Standard name effervescent_felix

When importing Docker CLI commands, CasaOS does define a standard name ‘effervescent_felix’. Also the stack name is called accordingly.

What is this? Who is this?

A ZimaOS (CasaOS) app is essentially a Docker compose.

When importing from CLI, CasaOS is actually converting it to a CasaOS app in Docker compose format.

A Docker compose requires name property to differentiate it from other docker compose instances.

Because there is no equivalent from the CLI command to this name property, CasaOS generates a random one.

Instead of giving it a random meaningless string, we decide to follow the Docker tradition, by randomly picking a name/ID of people who helped / having been helping us (CasaOS, the open source project) grow, prefixed with an adjective.

In your case, this person is felix.

You can see the full name list at

Ah haha,

thank you for clarifying that!