Testing Compatibility Issues Between PVE and ZimaBoard


"Hi, I recently got a Zima board and flashed proxmox onto an external SATA drive and the original OS on there no longer boots and says the partition is no longer usable. "

Conclusion: Compatible and can be used

Device Preparation

1 X ZimaBoard 832

1 X Display

1 X Mini DP

1 X SSD (64G as system disk)

1 X SATA Cable

1 X Keyboard

1 X USB Drive (as installation disk)

Quick Installation Process:

  1. Download PVE iso image, use Rufus to write it to USB drive as installation disk.

  2. Insert installation disk to ZimaBoard, wait for installation to complete and then remove it.

  3. Restart ZimaBoard to boot from SSD.

  4. Note down PVE’s IP address, login and use PVE.

Detailed Installation Steps

Step 1: Download image file

Click the following official link:

Download Proxmox software, documentation, agreements

Step 2: Make installation USB

Use Etcher, select USB drive, add iso file.

Step 3: Install PVE on ZimaBoard

Step 4: Select system installation location

Select SSD as system disk.

Step 5: Set country

Set country as needed, click “NEXT” after filling it.

Step 6: Input login password

TIPS: This password is for subsequent logins, account is: root

Input root password and email address, click “NEXT” after filling:

Step 7: Configure network

PVE installation allocates IP, netmask, gateway

IP Address: Can use default, or specify yourself (this IP is for subsequent PVE use)

Gateway/DNS Server: Fill according to actual situation

Step 8: Install PVE

Wait for installation.

Step 9: Check address

After installation is complete, remove USB drive in Reboot, select SSD to enter login screen.

Tips: Configure network

Can check PVE’s IP address:

Step 10: Run PVE

We can see PVE has been successfully run on ZimaBoard, and does not affect the CasaOS on ZimaBoard’s eMMC storage.