CasaOS + Photoprism Private Cloud Album

In this Video, you can konw more CasaOS + Photoprism !!!

CasaOS is an open-source home server operating system that allows you to take control of your data and privacy. When paired with Photoprism, a self-hosted photo management service, CasaOS becomes a powerful platform for building your own private photo library.

Photoprism makes it easy to organize your personal photos by location, date, or people with automatic tagging. It also eliminates duplicates and backs up your originals in full resolution. You can access your library from anywhere while keeping all of your memories safe and secure on your personal CasaOS server.

With encrypted storage and selective sharing options, you can feel confident knowing your photos are not being scanned or analyzed by third parties. CasaOS and Photoprism give you a private space to store, manage, and relive your most cherished moments without compromise. Build your own digital nest and take control of your photo collection today!