What Screwdriver do I need to remove the transparent cover?

Help needed, please.

Phillips screwdriver (i.e. with cross slit)

Not Mine it has security post inside so needs a Philips with a hole in the middle. If there was supposed to be one in the kit it did not come with mine. It seems some that these kits are not well thought out with horridly UN-helpful instructions and these SCREWS which may cause me to BREAK THE ACRYLIC TO INSTALL THE RAM THAT COULD HAVE BEEN INSTALLED BEFORE LOCKING IT UP!!! - in case any Ice Whale person actually would like to respond. BTW: AS a former Lucent/AT&T tech I own a reasonable set of star and Allen bits with holes in the middle but even they did not have these type of tiny Philips heads. What part of user serviceable “hackable” includes security screws? Yes, hackers need special tools… so provide the tool and apologize for your ass in 9 F-UP!

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A Philips / X design with a hole in isn’t any form of standard screw design. It’s normally only Security Torx that have the centre pin.

Both of my blades, and everyone who’s asked in the Discord forum has standard Philips PH0 screws.

It could be a mistake, or a manufacturer fault on the screws, Can you supply images?

i have a PH0 Screwdriver, but it does not seem to work.
Any suggestions?

IceWhale have said that the screws should be PH0, there was no planned change in production so can you post an image for them to see?

I have the same issue. I was a backer so maybe the first run used different screws. I tried using several torx heads, but none seemed to quite work and I didn’t want to strip the screws. Image attached. Any leads to how to unscrew this would be great because it isn’t very useful without RAM installed.

Thanks I’ve flagged it back to the IceWhale team to investigate

hard to tell but that looks like just a small allen head screw… Mine has phillips

There is definitely a post in the middle, so it isn’t a common Allen socket. Hard to see in the photo though.

M3 Hexagon socket screws.We’ve noticed this issue and will be giving out matching screwdrivers in the box later!

It does not appear to be an M3. I attempted to use an M3 wrench and it was too large. Here is a picture of an M3 screw next to the one on the board. It isn’t the clearest picture, but hopefully you can see the M3 screw has a larger socket.

Even a 5/64 Allen wrench is too large, so the socket is less than a millimeter.

I managed to determine it is a 1.27mm hex (Allen) wrench needed to remove the screws. Hopefully this post will help someone else who received a Zimablade with this type of screw.

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If there’s a post in the middle it’s a “secure” or tamper resistant screw.

FWIW I’m getting the feeling there’s been inconsistencies with the screws that got used from the case screws to these…