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RAID Capabilities

ZimaCube supports up to 6 HDDs and 4 M.2s. ZimaOS will have a storage manager to unify and manage up to 10 disks mentioned above, and the file format is EXT4.

  1. support RAID0, RAID1, RAID5.
  2. support different capacity hard disk to create RAID.
  3. support one disk to create one storage.
  4. support for data retention in the case of direct mount EXT2/3/4, VFAT, FAT, FAT32 hard disk.
  5. ZimaCube has a built-in system disk of not less than 256GB, which does not participate in RAID, and the system is protected by double copies, and supports recovery by USB disk image in case of damage.
  6. USB disk can be connected, USB disk does not participate in RAID.
  7. support GoogleDrive, DorpBox, OneDrive mounting, may be added before shipment, accept wishes
  8. file manager one page, will integrate the above have an overview display
  9. After RAID is completed, there is no longer the MergeFS function in CasaOS, other disk functions more than CasaOS
  10. RAID is already under development, and is expected to start internal testing by the end of this year.


Ryeera 11/13/2023 9:04 PM

Q: I already asked this on Kickstarter and got confirmation that it’ll be possible to run Proxmox on the ZimaCube, which I absolutely love! I would also love to try out ZimaOS, however since it looks really cool. Would it be possible to virtualize ZimaOS and forward the HDDs to the VM? If not, is it possible to run VMs directly on ZimaOS? If so, which Hypervisor are you using?

A: We’ll gather or research a way to make Proxmox and ZimaOS work at the same time, we’ll reply here when we’ve tested it.
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RMLeonard*—*11/10/2023 6:13 AM

so --if I’m gonna “buy” another one -I’d like to know a bit mroe about how much customization is in it
the software looks fairly awesome -I like the synthesis concept and if they try to “build” a complete debian distro … … … that is real WORK … …
if they just stay with an overlay they can focus more on “their” stuff and just “require” a base install of “flavor X” on the linux base
my current concern is --do they have a linux client or a “web client” --I saw that there is a windows and a mac client… what if kids / grandkids all have phones/tablets/chromebooks/linux installs
I can visualize a couple of these “linked” via VPN or somesuch different sides of the country -(pick your country not really a concern) and everyone uses FOSS as much as possible
and we use the Zimacube as the “backbone”

A: The Mac client and Windows client have been developed, and the iPhone, and possibly a supported linux version, can now be connected using the ZeroTier client. Each ZimaCube will have a NetWorkID, which can be generalized across any of the ZeroTier clients.

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jerrybriant 11/13/2023 7:49 PM

Q: Will Zima OS and Casa OS have any cross compatibility to work together, say you have 2x Zimaboards with CasaOS and then get a Zimacube running ZimaOS ?
A: There is a natural compatibility between the two systems at hand. We’ll prioritize getting ZimaOS right to ensure a great experience when the ZimaCube ships. Then handle compatibility between CasaOS and ZimaOS. If you have time, you can join the ZimaOS testing group to help find out what “incompatibilities” there are right now.