Zima Client 0.1.6 Released!

Zima Client 0.1.6 Released!

New Features:

  • Global right-click menu (cut, copy, paste, etc.)


  • Added cleanup process during uninstallation

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where /DATA/ directory couldn’t be used as a backup destination

Dependency Updates:

  • electron v25.9.6

  • electron-forge v7.1.0

  • zima-client-backup v0.4.8-alpha8

Download Links:

Will there be a linux Client ?


Please! A linux client would make things just about perfect.

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I am sorry, current Linux is not supported.

Pity about the lack of Linux client, especially as ZimaOS is Linux based.


Yeah, a Linux-Client is top priority, please!
I guess, it wouldn’t be a overly big step, since youvve already got a macOS-client.

Why do we need the client? I’m not really sure for what its used.
Anyplace where I can get more info about it?


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A Linux client would be nice for more average Linux users