ZimaBlade and USB C Hubs / Docks

The ZimaBlade has one USB C socket, that server as both an IO port and the power port in.

For anyone wondering. USB C adapters can expand ports but they MUST allow power pass through.

As some examples I have a Dell DA300 USB-C MiniDock / adapter that has Ethernet, USBA and USB C as well as VGA/HDMI and DP out. However it more of a dock and cannot be used to add monitor in an extended Desktop Mode is only mirrors the same video out.

This DOES NOT work with ZimaBlade as it does not have power passthrough so cannot power the ZimaBlade

On the other hand my Selore&S-Global 14 in 1 Adapter which DOES have power pass through works fine to add more ports. This DOES wortk with ZimaBlade I can see the ZimaBlades video out on the HDMI and VGA output of this Dock. I don’t have a DP enabled monitor but have no reason to think it will not allow DP out.

This dock is capable of outputting three video outs to different monitors, however that does depend on your setup. My ZimaBlade is currently running the stock Debian and CasaOS, as such it does not have a graphcial interface and I do not think its possible to use extended mode on command line Debian so the output is in mirror mode.

It has also been confirmed that the IceWhale Cyberize 1 DOES WORK as a power supply and as a pass through adapter.

NOTE: It is highly recommented that you use good quality USB C cables. Poor quality cables may have thin wiring cores, or not be filly wired, and may not perform as expected.

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Apparently Dell DA310 supports power pass through.
I have this model but I am still waiting for my ZimaBlade to arrive. Once I test I will write here and confirm.