ZimaBlade Connection and Access Guide

  1. Preparation
  • Ensure that you are using a 12V 3A power supply

  • Properly install the RAM memory module according to the instructions

  1. Booting up ZimaBlade
  • Plug in the power, and the ZimaBlade device will boot up

  • Log in with the username and password: casaos/casaos

  1. Finding the ZimaBlade IP Address
  • Run the command ip a on the ZimaBlade

  • This command will display the IP address assigned to the ZimaBlade device

  1. Accessing ZimaBlade
  • On another computer or device, enter the ZimaBlade IP address you just obtained

  • You can now access the ZimaBlade device through the web browser


  • Please do not refer to the findzima.com mentioned in the manual, Please refer to the new manual

Enjoy using your ZimaBlade! If you have any further questions, feel free to connect support@icewhale.org