Zimablade NAS Tutorial

Hi all,

Just received my Zimablade NAS kit and am super excited to set it up. Bit new to all of this, does anyone have a great tutorial of where to get started? I’ve got the unit up and running and am in CasaOS, can i do it from there?

Unfortunately I can’t help you as I don’t get the NAS running myself.
I ordered the NAS kit too and I made it to install nextcloud and mariadb through the included app store on casa os. I also setup nextcloud as I can access it through my browser. But I’m stuck when it comes to make the external SATA HDDs available to nextcloud. They are mounted and visible/accessable in casaos. But I can’t find them in my nextcloud installation. Can someone please assist on this? If I get it up and running I’m willig to create a step by step tutorial for newbies like me :slight_smile: