ZimaBoard 3D printed bracket is here!

ZimaBoard launches Cluster series of custom 3D printed brackets


1.3D bracket rendering

2. Physical picture:

3. Detailed introduction

Building a ZimaBoard cluster is a mainstream scenario. We have customized a bracket specifically for ZimaBoard Cluster!

This bracket adopts a modular design. Each support unit measures 15×8×3.5cm and can be assembled in an array through bolts to perfectly fit and support the structure of the ZimaBoard Cluster server. Considering environmental needs, PLA biodegradable material was chosen as the material of the bracket. PLA comes from renewable resources, has good processing performance, is non-toxic and tasteless.

The first model of the Zimaboard Cluster bracket is suitable for the company’s first-generation ZimaBoard. It perfectly matches its shape and size, can be inserted and removed by hand without bolts, and is firmly supported. The bottom surface of the bracket fits perfectly with the ZimaBoard, and the directions of the three cable interfaces are all unobstructed. It is supported without affecting the connection of the expansion plug-in. The cooling fins are cleverly used to achieve fixation without affecting heat dissipation at all.

ZimaBoard said that this customized stand will be provided to all users for free. Users only need to independently set the position and parameters of the support through the software based on the actual model structure to achieve efficient and accurate directional support, which not only improves the printing success rate, but also reduces the waste of printing time and resources.

To sum up, the launch of ZimaBoard Cluster series of customized 3D printing brackets will bring a qualitative leap in the support effect of printing materials such as PLA. In the future, we have reason to expect that ZimaBoard will launch more powerful customized 3D printing solutions, further promoting the development of desktop 3D printing technology in the direction of personalized intelligence.

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Another great use of 3d printing! I really like this design as it’s low filament use and no unnecessary parts so keeps things quick and easy :slight_smile: