Zimaboard video disabled after turning off computer monitor when in DOS

When I am running FreeDOS based programs on a Zimaboard, that runs past bedtime, I turn off the computer monitor to reduce light shining into the hallway, and when I turn it on in the morning the screen is blank and I can’t get anything to show on screen. I know that the DOS program is running though. If whatever program you are running has the ability to reinitialize the video, or you run “mode 80” at the DOS prompt, or similar things that reinitialize the video, it comes back to life. Otherwise the screen stays black until you reboot.

This does not happen when using graphical OS’s.

Is there any way to get around this?

See discussion in the GRC Spinrite forum about this subject:

It appears to be caused by the DOS program running without properly restoring or resetting the video mode.

It doesn’t seem to matter what DOS program you are using though. Or you could just be sitting at the DOS prompt with no programs running. Turn off the monitor and turn it back on a short while later, and the video doesn’t come back.

Does anyone know if perhaps there’s a setting in the Zimaboard BIOS could make a difference?

Additionally, I have found now that even when running CasaOS, if I leave the computer monitor turned off overnight I get no video the next morning after turning back on the monitor.

When I tested that before while running a Windows 10 machine on Zima it didn’t have the same problem.