ZimaBoard / Zima Blade Blade Logitech MediaServer Docker Install Tutorial

This tutorial details the setup and basic running of Logitech Music Server (aka LMS) in a Docker container.

While Logitech have long since stopped making the Squeezebox series of devices the amateur comunity have taken up the challenge of maintaining the server software, and porting the software playback software to many devices.

LMS is very lightweight and you could easily run a multi room, whole house audio system on a budget using a ZimaBlade and a few spare old Raspberry Pi’s. Its so lightweight you could probalby run the whole house audio solution on a ZimaBoard / ZimaBlade as well having other docker containers running without it missing a beat…

ZimaBoard_Blade Logitech MediaServer Docker Install Tutorial.pdf (733.6 KB)
on CasaOS.


Can’t wait to try it!!