ZimaCube Update7

ZimaCube Update7

Greetings our backers!

We’re excited to unveil the powerful features of ZimaCube Pro: As one highlight of ZimaCube Pro - Thunderbolt 4, our actual test transmission speed is 24.1Gbps! Meanwhile, we will also show more details of the 1235U motherboard. For software part, guide you through installing VMware on ZimaOS, and the cloud disk functionalities.

-More about ZimaCube Pro & ZimaOS
-VMware install on ZimaCube Pro - 1235U Demo
-Thunderbolt 4 Transmission Speed -24.1Gbps
-VMware Install on ZimaOS Guide
-ZimaOS Cloud Storage Basic Functions

At the same time, a huge shoutout to our backers – your support has brought us this far, and please kindly help us for the final push in the last 5 days of our campaign.

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