ZimaOS and Syncthing not syncing on hard drives

Hello. I’m trying to sync my music collection from my pc running Windows to my ZimaOS Nas setup. I can install Syncthing from the ZimaOS App Store. Syncthing does recognize and see each machine. I cannot get it to read the hard drives. It gives me a couple different errors time and time again.

Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /run/s6-rc:s6-rc-init:KAPbPf/servicedirs/svc-syncthing/root: permission denied

Error on folder mwqu4-wd45q: folder path missing

Now it will sync small files in the default configuration, which is the nvme drive and a /DATA/AppData/syncthing/config/Sync path. It also let me sync my music into that path until it was full.

It will not let me do anything with my desired path of /media/raid/NAS/Music.

I can get the latter path just fine in the Files app, Jellyfin or Navidrome. It seems to be a permission issue. Any help would be appreciated.

As a temporary solution, please try to synchronize a newly created folder in SyncThing. It may work.

I tried that. It did not work. Still with the

mkdir /run/s6-rc:s6-rc-init:mGhNdG/servicedirs/svc-syncthing/root: permission denied

error. It seems to be a permissions error, and I’m not smart enough to fix it by myself.