Zimaos can not boot from a Nvme SSD

Hi, many thanks to the great works!
I am trying to install ZimaOS on my SSD on a PCIE to Nvme convert card.
ZimaOs installer USB disk can install Zimaos on my /dev/nvme0n1, but it can not boot successfully.

I have installed Windows 11 on this card and it can boot and work perfectly.

Please help.


I’m sorry I’m not sure what’s wrong with your description that you can’t boot zimaos properly. You can get more help from the community on the zimaos discord channel.Discord

你好,我的电脑是ASROCK Q1900M主板,我用PCIE-NVME转接卡安装了一块256G的NVME SSD硬盘,我之前在这块SSD上安装了WIN10, 可以正常启动电脑。我现在用ZIMAOS INSTALLER U盘正常启动电脑后开始安装ZIMAOS, Installer可以识别到该SSD为\dev\nvme0n1, 然后选择将ZIMAOS安装到这个硬盘,一切都很顺利。但安装完成重新启动后,电脑黑屏显示没有有效的启动设备。该如何是好?还请大侠施以援手,多谢!

It is also reported on GitHub: