ZimaOS Open Beta Install On PVE Guide

Notes for installation onto Proxmox VE 8.0.4 as a VM of the ZimaOS Beta as at v0.4.8.1

Thanks for sharing from silycr!

  1. Download latest ZimaOS .img.xz file a. Either download directly to Proxmox /var/lib.vz/images and unzip .xz b. or like me, downloaded to PC, unzipped with 7zip and transferred ~4GB file with WinSCP.

  2. Create a new VM in Proxmox. Other than the information below, the rest of the settings are your own choice.

  3. OS → Select ‘Do not use any media’ ->Guest OS = Linux and 6.x – 2.6 Kernel

  4. System → BIOS = OVMF (UEFI) → Add and select the EFI storage location → SCSI Controller = VirtIO SCSI Single

  5. Disk → Choose an option here: Delete the default disk, and only the OS will be installed later Increment to scsi 1 and use disk as storage. OS will be on a separate disk later

  6. Mount image to VM Disk. Enter the Promox Server shell, either by ssh or GUI.

  7. Confirming the file details. $ qemu-img info /var/lib/vz/images/{FILENAME}.img → Replace {FILENAME}

  8. Import the .img to the VM $ qm set {VM_ID} --scsi0 {LOCAL_STORAGE}:0,import-from=/var/lib/vz/images/{FILENAME}.img → Replace {VM_ID} and {FILENAME} → For example $ qm set 999 --scsi0 local-zfs:0,import-from=/var/lib/vz/images/zimaos_zimacube-

  9. Adjust Boot Order

  10. On the VM, select Options and change the boot order to scsi0

  11. Disable SecureBoot

  12. As per, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js_Xoa0f8zM → Select console, Start the VM and mash the esc key → Device Manager >> Secure Boot Configuration >> Attempt Secure Boot >> Enter (to disable) → Escape and exit

ZimaOS will now boot. It will not display the IP address in the console, so you’ll need to find that yourself or use the application linked in the original instructions.

Video demonstration:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4pOkBwJMg8&t=1s

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I have tried this installation. Did it a few times and also followed this tutorial here.

When I go to the ip address indicated in the virtual machine I am asked to create an account but it always fails with “Fail”. I have no idea why.

Can anyone shed some light on why I am unable to create an account?

Hi,Which version did you install?

Hi, not sure why but it finally accepted my login. Not quite sure about the version, think it was version 1.2 (I installed the update to 1.2.1).

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