ZimaOS Open Beta V1.1 Update Available!

ZimaOS Open Beta V1.1 Update Available!

Update Log


  • Added “Signal” display in the dashboard for visual connection status monitoring.

  • Introduced comprehensive settings panel for storage (RAID), network, and general settings.

  • Launched “ZimaAssist” App with local GPT chat and document sharing capabilities.

  • StableDiffusion App is now available on AppStore, compatible with NVIDIA GPU.

  • Implemented welcome screen and GPU insertion notifications.

  • Included GPU monitoring widget.

  • Resolved VRAM overflow issues caused by multiple AI apps.

  • Enabled device name and user avatar modifications.

  • Updated system upgrade interface.


  • Unauthorized file access issue resolved.

  • Files close button display error fixed.

  • Corrected port switching range error.

  • Resolved incomplete display of multiple network interface cards (NICs).

  • Fixed files categorization issue.

  • Addressed username modification error prompt.

  • Improved login failure notification.

  • User information in Local Storage now cleared upon logout.

  • Implemented restrictions on multiple failed login attempts.


  • Removed Mini Dashboard Settings Panel

:heart: Special Thanks: ZimaOS Community

Based on user suggestions, we named the Zima Assist App to better align with its purpose and functionality. And taking into account the feedback received from community we made modifications to the GPU monitoring widget, improving its usability and performance.

ZimaOS Open Beta v1.1 does NOT support one-click updates. Pleas re-download from the following links:

:warning: ZimaOS is currently in an unstable version, please download and use it with caution. We strongly recommend that you create a backup of all your important data.

We continually strive to enhance your ZimaOS experience, and we appreciate your ongoing support and feedback. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!


Will this version support one click update to the next version?

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Will you release other images for 1.1? And also for VM?

For me, the installer does not work. After restart, UEFI won’t boot ZimaOS.

sorry,NO OTA support

Whats format do you need?vmdk?or else?

Next version (1.2.0) can be upgraded with 1.1.0

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.qcow2 would be nice.

But in the meantime I managed to make it work somehow despite the GRUB and NVMe issues:



I’ll build version 1.1.0 of .qcow2 and provide you with a download link later

Reinstall the system and all the data will be gone


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安装后,NAS CPU风扇一阵阵启动最高转速,进入界面后,没有安装任何容器,CPU占用极高,1.0时不会出现这种情况。



I can confirm I get a high CPU usage on a proxmox LXC too

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