ZimaOS v1.2.0-Beta2 Available!

ZimaOS v1.2.0-Beta2 Available!


  • New and better featured Files app


  • RAID Damaged is displayed in the Files app.
  • Fix slow startup of apps panel.
  • Fix high CPU usage of Assist during system startup.
  • Show Assist only with sufficiently powerful GPUs.
  • Remote Login ID Allow Reset.
  • Clear distinction between alpha and beta.


  • Peerdrop removed for now, will become a app later on.
  • Files overview removed.
  • Files Shared panel removed.

:warning: Warning

There is a probability that the new version will not be able to display system apps such as Files, if you have this problem and are unable to recover please feel free to contact us on Discord!

For users who have installed ZimaOS V1.1:
Click on the red dot in the top left corner of the dashboard to initiate the update.

For first-time users:
Please download the installer for ZimaOS V1.2.0-beta2 from here

For users who prefer manual update package retrieval and manual upgrade:
Please download the package from here